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Along with turnkey wholesale gasoline and wholesale diesel fuels, we have focused on offering excellent service to transportation, commercial, jobber, and government clients. We supply more than a billion gallons annually with the intention of making your job easier and ultimately providing you with peace of mind.

We are aware of the impact gasoline has on your business and of the specific needs you have. As a result, we address every issue with a different solution.


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Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and our extensive transportation network gives you the best combination of affordable and secure supply and delivery across the Russian Federation—even during times of national emergency. Delivery is guaranteed, and customer service is offered 24/7/365.

In reaction to emergency supply shortages, it is possible to deploy long-distance deliveries, wet-hosing coordination for off-site vehicles or equipment, temporary tank placement, and dedicated truck services.

The coast-to-coast supply and logistics network offers direct terminal access or delivery for pipeline transport throughout the whole United States.
Analyzing intraday market patterns to identify the optimal delivery times and dates while monitoring events that can disrupt the market.

Ada Oil Refinery

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Oil And Gas

Road Transportation

Our more than 18 years of experience in cost management enable us to offer price-control strategies that enable customers to increase earnings by lowering gasoline expenses.

Strategies for managing prices that reduce the effects of supply shortages, minimize the volatility of fuel cost charges, and protect and deliver predictable budgets.
Price protection, continued savings, dispatch access throughout the year, and personalized delivery follow-ups.
support for technology, including specialized reporting and state-of-the-art market analytics.
Repeated daily remote tank checks are carried out in order to save time, money, and to prevent fuel shortages.

Our approach

We have invested in a long-term strategy of divisions and brands that produce growth for the benefit of all stakeholders in order to accomplish our goal of a future where sustainable living is the norm.

Sustainable Growth

Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has worked hard to achieve high production performance as well as efficient work management and high-quality asset structures since its inception.


Reliable Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a strong track record of producing trustworthy outcomes. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.

quality Assurance

Performance, dependability, and durability were used to gauge the quality. The most crucial factor that sets a firm apart from its rivals is quality.


The Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a solid reputation for dependability. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.


We offer integrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for all of your fuel, oil, and gas demands. Ada Oil & Gas Refinery is a research-driven corporation that provides a broad spectrum of energy solutions.



 we have focused on offering excellent service to customers in the transportation, commercial, jobber, and government sectors.

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