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Shipping is at the core of Ada Oil & Gas Refinery’s operations because we are a leading physical energy dealer, and timely and efficient delivery of goods is crucial to what we do. This offers us a distinctive viewpoint on patterns and flows in world shipping.

Through Mansel, we oversee and operate a substantial fleet of ships. Mansel offers Ada Oil & Gas Refinery and its customers, who include various major oil firms, global coverage in addition to a reliable and efficient service. Due to its unique location and expertise, it can improve the performance of vessels. The company works closely with ship owners, investors, and partners to maximize the earnings on the assets it manages.

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We also manage ships for other Ada Oil & Gas Refinery firms in addition to the 46 ships that make up the fleet of our ship management company LSC, which is fully technically managed. Latvia is where LSC is located. Small- and medium-sized tankers, VLCC crude tankers, VLGC LPG tankers, and specialized bitumen tankers are among the different types of ships that make up its fleet.

We give ship and fleet owners throughout the world access to the highest quality marine fuels that are seamlessly, on time, and according to specification across key bunkering locations through our marine fuel company, Ada Oil & Gas Refinery Bunkers.

Our bunker boat owner, operator, and manager, V Bunkers, with headquarters in Singapore, offers the barging services through its fleet of vessels flying the Singapore flag.


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Our approach

We have invested in a long-term strategy of divisions and brands that produce growth for the benefit of all stakeholders in order to accomplish our goal of a future where sustainable living is the norm.

Sustainable Growth

Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has worked hard to achieve high production performance as well as efficient work management and high-quality asset structures since its inception.


Reliable Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a strong track record of producing trustworthy outcomes. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.

quality Assurance

Performance, dependability, and durability were used to gauge the quality. The most crucial factor that sets a firm apart from its rivals is quality.


The Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a solid reputation for dependability. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.


We offer integrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for all of your fuel, oil, and gas demands. Ada Oil & Gas Refinery is a research-driven corporation that provides a broad spectrum of energy solutions.



 we have focused on offering excellent service to customers in the transportation, commercial, jobber, and government sectors.

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