Petro-diesel, sometimes referred to as petroleum-based diesel, is a blend of straight run product (with a temperature range of 150 to 350 degrees Celsius) and various ratios of specified cracked distillates. It is composed mostly of paraffins such n, iso, and cycloparaffins, which are aromatic and saturated hydrocarbons (including napthalenes and alkylbenzenes).

An example of an internal combustion engine is a diesel engine. Although coal dust was intended to be the primary fuel for the diesel engine, oil ultimately proved to be more efficient. Vehicles with diesel engines include vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and trains.

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Automotive diesel fuel is used as the prime mover in a variety of power generating and pumping applications, in addition to powering trains, buses, trucks, automobiles, farm equipment, construction and industrial sites, petroleum drilling, and other off-road equipment. The diesel engine has a high compression ratio and self-ignites. High compression heat ignites the gasoline without the use of a spark plug. Vanino, the second stage of Rus-Terminal LLC Storage and Logistics’s own oil processing complex, began operating in 2013. This resulted in a 50% yearly increase in the plant’s ability to produce high-quality oil products such straight-run gasoline, jet fuel, low viscosity marine fuel, black fuel, and diesel oil Euro 4-5.


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Our approach

We have invested in a long-term strategy of divisions and brands that produce growth for the benefit of all stakeholders in order to accomplish our goal of a future where sustainable living is the norm.

Sustainable Growth

Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has worked hard to achieve high production performance as well as efficient work management and high-quality asset structures since its inception.


Reliable Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a strong track record of producing trustworthy outcomes. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.

quality Assurance

Performance, dependability, and durability were used to gauge the quality. The most crucial factor that sets a firm apart from its rivals is quality.


The Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a solid reputation for dependability. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.


We offer integrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for all of your fuel, oil, and gas demands. Ada Oil & Gas Refinery is a research-driven corporation that provides a broad spectrum of energy solutions.



 we have focused on offering excellent service to customers in the transportation, commercial, jobber, and government sectors.

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