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Since almost 50 years ago, Petroleum Traders has provided gasoline to the US transportation sector, from long-haul trucking fleets to public transportation.

Since then, we’ve learnt that crucial commodities still need to travel to their destinations no matter what, and it’s our responsibility to assist you in doing so.

Petroleum Traders, a wholesale distributor of gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel, offers price-management tools that can boost profitability while lowering supply uncertainty and removing volatility from fuel costs, improving the predictability and accuracy of budgeting.

Ada Oil Refinery


The logistics network of Ada Oil & Gas Refinery in Europe includes about 4,380 specialized vehicles, 2 company-owned terminals, and 14 joint venture terminals.

In addition to group corporations, upstream and downstream firms in Europe, the maritime fleets provide services.

We own and operate the first fully automated gantry in Europe in order to maintain consistent, hygienic, secure, safe, efficient, and dependable operations in line with our objectives.

Our incident/accident record is remarkably low, and our highly skilled operators display unsurpassed professionalism. One of the ongoing efforts to strengthen our position as the European market leader is the recent introduction of standard fleet management technologies, such as Onboard Computer Systems (OBCS), throughout our businesses in Europe.

Ada Oil & Gas Refinery transports goods using modern vessels. These Ships transport cargo directly from oil fields in African waters to designated Ports or other users.

The company’s ethical principles are adhered to in all aspects of shipping operations, with a focus on safeguarding human health, the environment, and safety. We currently have a program in place for vessel pre-inspection and approval that we frequently carry out.

backed by a group of committed, knowledgeable professionals with expertise in sales, sourcing, marketing, and logistics. We provide dependable financing and shipping solutions to our customers in order to meet their demands, including the loading of cargo into storage facilities and the Ada Oil Refinery operations of loading cargo onto smaller vessels.


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Our approach

We have invested in a long-term strategy of divisions and brands that produce growth for the benefit of all stakeholders in order to accomplish our goal of a future where sustainable living is the norm.

Sustainable Growth

Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has worked hard to achieve high production performance as well as efficient work management and high-quality asset structures since its inception.


Reliable Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a strong track record of producing trustworthy outcomes. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.

quality Assurance

Performance, dependability, and durability were used to gauge the quality. The most crucial factor that sets a firm apart from its rivals is quality.


The Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a solid reputation for dependability. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.


We offer integrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for all of your fuel, oil, and gas demands. Ada Oil & Gas Refinery is a research-driven corporation that provides a broad spectrum of energy solutions.



 we have focused on offering excellent service to customers in the transportation, commercial, jobber, and government sectors.

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