Ada Oil & Gas Refinery: Can You Help? The airport, roofing, and road sectors can all benefit from the multitude of bitumen materials produced by the Bitumen Material Plant (BMP). The lifespan and maintenance needs of a road will grow from three to seven years thanks to modified bitumen, which we are now developing.


Bitumen, a thick, gooey, and black liquid or semi-solid, is a type of petroleum. Either a refined product or a deposit found naturally could include it. Before the 20th century, the word asphaltum, which comes from Ancient Greek, was also in use.

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More than 745 thousand tonnes of bitumen were sold by the company Bitumen Material Plant (BMP) in Russia, the CIS, and other countries in 2018. We also made progress with the modification of the binder.

As a glue or binder, asphalt is predominantly used (70%) in the construction of roadways, where it is mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete. The production of roofing felt and the sealing of flat roofs with bituminous waterproofing solutions are its other two main uses.

Asphalt that occurs spontaneously is frequently referred to as “crude bitumen”. 
Sometimes referred to as “refined bitumen,” this product of fractional distillation of crude oil boiling at 525 °C (977 °F) has the viscosity of cold molasses.

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Asphalt for roads

Road oil bitumen is created by oxidizing the byproducts of direct oil distillation and carefully separating oil products (de-asphalting asphalts, selective refining extracts). Compounding is an additional process for producing bitumen (mixing).

Binder for new and restored coatings on roads and airports is an example of such application.

A program to build up bitumen production in line with the requirements of the new international standard GOST 33133-2014 of the Customs Union technical regulation was successfully completed by the firm.

The new standard implies the extended methods for assessing the features that finished items should have. The document specifies that bitumen’s resistance to aging during transportation and during the manufacture of asphalt mix is also regulated, in addition to fundamental characteristics like conditional viscosity indicators and resistance to high-temperature impacts.

Bitumen for Buildings and Roofing

Rooftop bitumen grade oil is created by oxidizing oil waste left over from atmospheric vacuum distillation. In contrast to the process used to create road bitumen, the production of roofing grades should use lighter raw materials (less viscous) and lower oxidation temperatures.


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We have invested in a long-term strategy of divisions and brands that produce growth for the benefit of all stakeholders in order to accomplish our goal of a future where sustainable living is the norm.

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Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has worked hard to achieve high production performance as well as efficient work management and high-quality asset structures since its inception.


Reliable Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a strong track record of producing trustworthy outcomes. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.

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Performance, dependability, and durability were used to gauge the quality. The most crucial factor that sets a firm apart from its rivals is quality.


The Ada Oil & Gas Refinery has a solid reputation for dependability. We have a wide range of skills in the petroleum sector and a premier cumulative level of knowledge worldwide.


We offer integrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for all of your fuel, oil, and gas demands. Ada Oil & Gas Refinery is a research-driven corporation that provides a broad spectrum of energy solutions.



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